Top Seven Foods You Should Try

Food is a basic requirement for all of us. But now people has started to look at food as something beyond a basic requirement. It has become a hobby for some, passion for others. Different cuisines make our mouth water. Now food is more of an enjoyment for people. I personally like Indian foods itself. Where else would you get a thrill of all spices in one food? I am not criticizing other dishes. They too are fantastic! If you stick on to the same kind of food for a long time your taste buds would get accustomed to it. Trust me, you do not want that happening. So, why don’t you try out these foods?

Momo: This is a kind of dumpling very common in South Asian parts. This is stuffed with different kinds of fillings and is cooked in steam. If you try one, you will not be able to stop eating it.

Chow Mein: This is a Chinese dish in which noodles are stirred with vegetables or anything else. You have to try this out.

Pani Puri: This is a snack which was born in India. This is a round puri with fillings and a flavoured to fill in and eat. This is a really good snack.

Dal curry: Dal curry and roti is arguably one of the best combinations ever. Lentil is the star of the dish balanced with lots of spices.

Rajma chawal: Rajma or red kidney beans is a thick gravy which feels like heaven. This when eaten with rice makes it mind-blowing.

Ghee roast Dosa and Chutney: This is a popular breakfast in south India. This crispy Dosa with chutney makes you fall in love with it. If you are a vegan, you can substitute it with coconut ghee.

Aloo parathas: This dish too originates from India. In this dish boiled potato added with spices are stuffed inside roti and cooked. This is a really good one!

There are a lot more dishes. But I cannot list all of them here. Try these for sure and give your taste buds a surprise!

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