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The Life of Muthu Review : The latest movie “The Life of Muthu” made by Shimbu-Gautham Menon combination is a gangster drama, but this movie was released in Tamil and translated in Telugu. Rahman’s music and Gautham Menon’s take are the special attractions of this film.


The Life of Muthu Review : Struggling to survive in his hometown, Muthu (Shimbu) comes to Mumbai for his mother. However, he soon learns that he will not only make parotas in the parota shop where he has come to work, but he will also have to commit murders if the boss tells him to. By the time he wants to get out of that hole.. Kutty Bhai ends the gang that attacked the Parota shop.. and becomes Don’s favorite bodyguard. The story of Muthu’s “The Life of Muthu” is the story of Muthu’s growth.

Actors Performance

This is one of the few films where Shimbu physically struggled. The way he dealt with the variations & emotion shown in this movie is good. This film is another example of his growth as an actor. Also.. the manner of elevating the violence in a very settled manner is also a plus point for the movie. Being like Sameera Reddy is a plus for Siddhi.

The Life of Muthu Review

Another plus point is to look mature in acting scenes. However.. the chemistry with Shimbu is not so ripe. Radhika in the role of the mother and the people who played the roles of Don have been convincing in their roles. Even though Malayalam actor Sreedharan’s role is short, the way he elevates the story is good.

Movie Performance

AR Rahman’s music is the main asset of the film. Gautham Menon’s utilization of Rahman’s music is similar to the way the background music is used to suit the scene. Gautham Menon, who is a specialist in song placement, has picturized the romantic song well. Siddhar’s cinematography, art work, DI & lighting are the special attractions of the movie. Director Gautham Vasudev Menon has made a regular gangster drama into an interesting survival drama. The multiple letters in the story are handled very neatly and without any deviations with a straight screenplay.. The simple elevations given to the hero character are good.

Director Performance

The Life of Muthu Review : Gautham Menon’s seniority has once again been proven by the way the audience can understand what the hero’s mentality and courage are like. In a way, this film can be said to be Gautham Menon’s comeback film. Years later, Gautham Menon became a successful storyteller-director. Most importantly, the way Muthu-Sreedharan, who came to Mumbai at the same time, reached the end of their lives due to the paths they chose and the decisions they took, is highlighted in a very simple manner.

The Life of Muthu Rating


Book Movie : The Life of Muthu

Final Words

The movie “The Life of Muthu” adds simple elevations & emotions to the regular gangster drama. Simbu’s acting, Rahman’s music and Gautham Menon’s take are definitely worth a watch.

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