Pathonpatham Noottandu Movie Review

Pathonpatham Noottandu Movie Review

Vinayan’s ‘Pathonpatham Noottandu’ is a clear depiction of some pages that are generally shrouded in darkness wherever, Kerala history and Travancore history are discussed. The film can be described as a different endeavor in every sense from the Malayalam period films. Which are fond of the trappings of the upper classes and have come and gone in wax treatments. The writing of history from their side and their perspective is the greatest social relevance of the Pathonpatham Noottandu.

The theme of the movie is the brave life of Aratupuzha Velayudha Panikkar or Kallissery Velayudh Chekavar who lived in Alappuzha district from 1825 AD to 1874 AD. It is not very pleasant to hear and see that this Kerala had a history and a regime where Avarna women were not allowed to hide their breasts and mustaches. It is often covered up. Therefore, the Pathonpatham Noottandu becomes a film that marks Vinayan as a director and as a screenwriter.

Although we don’t hear much about big budget and billions of production costs, if we look at the making wise and take a serious approach to the theme, the Pathonpatham Noottandu is far ahead of the recently released Brahmanda films in Malayalam such as Marakaar and Mamangam.

Even if we take the films with the most visual richness released in Malayalam so far, this Vinayan film will be at the forefront. The director Vinayan, who once made excellent commercial films in Malayalam and was successful at the box office, later got into bans and tamaskarans for many years due to his certain attitudes. A bunch of B grade movies made at that time washed away his name. But Vinaya in the Pathonpatham Noottandu proved beyond doubt that the tiger crouched to pounce. It is also noteworthy that he cast someone like Siju Wilson without relying on existing superstars or young actors with business value and molded him into the historical hero he wanted.

Not only in acting, but also in sports performances, Siju Wilson, Aratupuzha Velayudhapanikar was full of success. A performance that boosted Siju’s career graph at once. Although there is a long line of actors like Sudev Nair, Deepti Sati, Chemban Vinod and Anoop Menon in the film, it is also said that Vinayan has chosen a twenty-two-year-old girl named Kayadu Lohar, who is quite a newcomer, to play Nangeli, a brave woman with a bright history. They were really on fire. Shajikumar, the cameraman of big budget films, was the cinematographer of the 1Pathonpatham Noottandu.

His role is crucial in making the film an event. Santosh Narayanan’s background scoring is also heavy. Personally, I feel that the film would have had more commercial punch had the end of Velayudhapanikar been cut as the climax. But it is Vinayan’s sense of justice that stops the film from documenting the protest against black history and giving focus to its impact. So my comment is thrown away. It would be impolite not to say a word of appreciation to the producer Gokulam Gopalan, who has given a generous budget for such a film. Hats Off You, Gokulam Productions, Vinayan and Siju Wilson.

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Pathonpatham Noottandu OTT Release Date : Expecting on Mid of December 2022 (TBA)

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