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Naane Varuven Review: After the superhit ‘Tiruchidrambalam’, Dhanush’s film ‘Nane Varuven’ has hit the theaters. The film which released today is directed by Dhanush’s brother Selvaraghavan. Reports say that the film is getting good response from the theatres. Those who saw Nane Varaven Kandavar wrote on social media that the film, which was done by Yajnamurthy’s cinematography, is a great psycho thriller.

Naane Varuven Review

Dhanush has acted as twin brothers in the film. Comments on social media say that Dhanush is shocked as a psycho character. The film has an engaging presentation style. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is also worth appreciating, say people who wrote about the film on social media.

Nane Varuven is the story of two brothers who are at different poles by nature. One of these dual characters played by Dhanush is Panchapava while the other is a monster. The film tells the story of these brothers who had been living apart due to some special circumstances and had to meet again after 32 years. The film begins with the childhood of the twin brothers Kathir and Prabhu and later draws attention to Prabhu’s life 20 years later.

In that part we see that a girl is born to the lord and he brings her up as his life. The prince’s life with his wife and daughter was a happy one that would make anyone jealous. Once upon a time Satya, the 12-year-old daughter of a nobleman, has some unusual experiences. When Prabhu tries to find a solution to his daughter’s problems, things come to a head. What are the problems with Satya?, and how does it relate to Kathira? Will Lord and Katheer meet again? The story moves through answers to many questions.

The teaser released for the film did not reveal much about the story. There were only speculations about the genre of the film. Thus, Selvaraghavan has precisely applied some tricks to surprise those who come to the theater without any particular preconceived notions. The first half of the film turned out to be fascinating as the audience was busy trying to figure out the true genre of the film and what was the direction of the story. But the second half is full of clichéd scenes and contains a disappointing climax. Dhanush’s fiery performance and the theme music ‘Veera Soora’ composed by Yuvan Shankarraja kept the second half watchable. Only about Prabhu’s love for his daughter and the character of Kathir is written somewhat well in the script. If the rest of the characters were written in depth and added to the story, and the strength of the script in the second half was ensured, the film could have given a better experience.

Although Prabhu’s role is reminiscent of many characters Dhanush has played in looks and character, Kathir stands out a lot. Kathiril’s Dhanush also gave a great performance to the surprise of the fans. In the film, the villain character of Kathir got more applause than the hero. Although the audience can understand his emotions and mental state, the screenplay fails to utilize the character properly. Despite having the right elements, the director failed to bring Kathir’s childhood and Kathir’s story narrated by Sonu to the screen effectively. Although there were notable stars like Induja Ravichandran, Elli Avram, Prabhu and Yogi Babu, none of them got enough space. Selvaraghavan’s character also hit the screen like a wet cracker. After Dhanush, the best performance is that of the girl who played Satya. The rest of the child actors in the film have performed their roles beautifully.

Nowhere in the film was the hand of an experienced director felt. Seeing the first half, the film seemed to mark a strong comeback for Selvaraghavan as the supernatural elements were well incorporated into the story and the build up to the second half was brought right. But the scenes after the interval prove that expectations are not misplaced. The screen presence of Kathira Dhanush has helped a lot in not seeing any small flaws in the film. But Dhanush too couldn’t hold the climax.

The climax of the film did not fit the story seen in 2022. The director could not present it believably. Audience satisfaction is a far cry from that! One can rest assured that Om Prakash, who captured the visuals in a way that matches the nature of the film, and Yuvan Shankar Raja, who composed the background music that fills the audience with excitement, have raised the level of enjoyment of the film. Anyway, there are things in the film that should be seen once for those who watch it without much expectations and preconceived notions. If you are a fan of Dhanush then definitely watch the movie in theatres.

‘Nane Varuven’ is produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu. The film is produced under the banner of V Creations. Art direction by BK Vijay Murugan. Editing by Bhuvan Srinivasan. Dhanush’s heroine is Induja, who came to Tamil with the film ‘Meyatha Maan’. Selvaraghavan also appears as a character. The story of the film is also written by Dhanush.

Dhanush’s latest film ‘Tiruchidrambalam’ was directed by Mithran Jawahar. The screenplay is also by Mitran Jawahar. The film is still receiving good response from the theatres. It is reported that ‘Tiruchidrambalam’ is attracting all types of audience equally. The film is produced by Kalanidhi Maran. The film’s banner is Sun Pictures. Distributed by Red Giant Movies. ‘Tiruchidrambala’ also has the distinction of being Dhanush’s film that hit the theaters after a while. Anirudh Ravichander has composed the music for the film. Prasanna GK did the editing. Cinematographer is Om Prakash.

Naane Varuven Rating – 7.7/10

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