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Kotthu Movie Review : Kotthu is a latest malayalam movie. ‘Koth’ told the story of political murders in Kannur. As the name suggests, this time Sibi Malail stood behind the camera to talk about political killings and those who fall victim to it and those who suffer from it rather than the dead. Forget the names of Sibi Malail, Asif Ali and Roshan. The engraving should be discussed from the theme it expresses.

Kotthu Story

The story takes place in the blood-smelling political terrain of Kannur. The film tells the story of Shanu, a young man brought up by the party, politics and those around him. The film begins with the killing of one of the party workers. A group of four who have to hunt down and kill a murderer who is an opponent of the party to avenge the death of one of their own. The film also travels through the problems they face in connection with it. When Hisana enters Shanu’s life, he gets a lust for life. The theme of the movie is the changes that happen in his life.

Not much to say. The movie is the story we know and heard. But that’s just to be aware of. If they get it, the social responsibility put forward by Koth will be fulfilled. Director Sibi Malail has set the frame straight for those who have no hesitation in sticking a knife into human raw flesh for the sake of hatred, for differences of opinion, for shouting abuse for tearing down the flag. It is burning and crying. The film says that people should not indulge in grudges that are settled by knives. Safezone should be catchable. The writer and the director have turned the camera only to the surface political events of Kannur, whether we need to go down to the root to tell this is a matter to be discussed. CB and Hemant talk about a few links in the chain, starting with one murder and another that takes place in its place, and the lives that are attached to it.

Kotthu Movie Review

The film tells the story of many incidents in contemporary Kerala politics, especially in Kannur, which is known for political murders. The confusion before the release of the film was about which party would be cast in the opposition. But if there is such a villain, the villain is the human minds that adopt the method of violence without any ideology in a sudden provocation in the name of ego. That’s where treatment comes in. The film’s writer Hemanth, director CB Mala and producer Ranjith said that.

They deserve a round of applause for that. Hemant has been able to create a precise chain and add scenes to it without simply telling the murders. CB Malayalam to make it into a movie. The excellence shown by Hemant in the screenplay is the space given to those around him in the story even when a character is placed in the center, the technique of saying that each character has a past that the film does not show has been shown in the film. We can predict what the next scene will be from start to finish. Because we are talking about the ground we tread on and the blood that was shed there. Even then, the film manages to capture the audience.

Hemant has tried to include all the clichés of party villages, planning murders, sketching, using influence in the shadow of the administration to give dummy accused, colluding with the police, making bombs and keeping them at home. In the film, Hemanth showed the cleverness of delivering the intended message without getting hurt, even though he did not say the whole thing in the exact script. Hemant has written that none of the killers are good and the only losers are the mother, wife and child.

Kotthu Movie Review : Kannur, directed by KK Haridas in 1997, Haridas’s Kannur again in 2012, Iruvattam Manavati directed by Sanal starring Kunchakoboban, and Ajith Kumar’s Eda starring Shane Nigam are examples of films that talked about the murderous politics of Kannur. Sibi mountain is also carved by holding its thread. Among the senior directors in Malayalam, Cibi Malayalam’s position is at the forefront. While many contemporary directors had enough work and went to rest, CB, who carried the desire of cinema as an unquenchable fuel, once again tried his hand at many things like action and cuts. After a gap of six years, Orusibi Malail is coming to the theaters again.

The motif has been adopted in the same way as the film in regular CB Mala. While the first half focuses on the main events, the second half deals with the consequences of this. The film also has the mental anguish of the regular CB Magic characters. Kothile Shanu will be at the forefront of Asifali’s performance in the films released so far. All his body language has invoked his politician.

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Kothu Movie Rating : 8.2/10

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