Kaappa Movie Review | 22nd December

Kaappa Movie Review : In the dark underbelly of Thiruvananthapuram, bloody gang wars over dominance of the city’s suburbs and slums are a common sight. Meanwhile, through hard work, determination and a huge appetite for violence, an expendable henchman (Prithviraj Sukumaran) grows up to become a prominent name in this world of crime.

Kaappa Movie Review

The story of the film Kaapa revolves around the Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act of 2007, popularly known as the Kapa Act. This Act aims to effectively prevent and control certain anti-social activities in Kerala.

After the mass action film Katuva, Shaji Kailas – Prithviraj team-up Kaappa’s release has been all positive when the first reactions come out. Kappa is not just the typical mass film of Shaji Kailas, who is usually seen. As Prithviraj mentioned in all the interviews, it turned out to be a different making of Shaji Kailas.

The film is not the making of Shaji Kailas which was seen all these years. A compulsive effort to be different, even in shot-making, can be seen throughout the film. The audience gives a big applause for it. The film is not only given mass appeal. Emotionally, the film also proceeds at the same level.

A movie has a freshness because it has a lot of things that are usually absent in a Shaji Kailas film. Performances do not disappoint. Prithviraj has smashed the action scenes. Aparna Balamurali and Anna Benn’s performances are also applauded.

Asif Ali’s performance is also appreciated by the audience but the dialogue delivery is a little flawed by the audience. The actors have performed well in handling the language of Thiruvananthapuram. Jagdish and Dileesh Pothan are shocking. Audiences who were disappointed with Tiger are satisfied with Kappa.

Kaapa Movie Rating


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