How to increase Memory and Concentration?

Working to improve memory is much more important than we can believe. A few days ago I felt an attack of rage while trying to cook a recipe that I had learned on one of my trips because when I went to prepare it, I realized that I had forgotten part of the ingredients. Memory and possibly my concentration – since I had been quite stressed for a few days – prevented me from doing it.

This little example can happen to us often due. The stress conditions we are subjected to daily can take a toll on us. Therefore, exercising and improving memory, as well as taking care of concentration is important to develop in our daily routine.

In this article, we will try to give some tips to improve and enhance these two processes of our mind that help us to develop in our day to day.

Here are some tips to enrich and improve memory. These are small recommendations that are very easy to follow, but with great benefits:

  • Sleep and rest properly. Many times we believe that we can sleep fewer hours than necessary and that, even so, our brain works 100%. This is not true: it is advisable to sleep about 7 hours a day to get the brain to correctly process information and improve long-term memory.
  • The sport helps to release tension and improve spatial memory.
  • Eating chocolate: a pleasure and an ally of memory and learning. According to the magazine Very interesting, one of the components of cocoa favors cognitive functioning, based on a 2013 study.
  • Associate a concept with its image. This is one of the key exercises we can follow daily, especially those facing school exams. At the moment we associate a specific image with a definition of it, our memory better retains the information we want to process.
  • Mental photographs. Along the same lines as the previous example is the exercise of taking a mental picture of what we see and want to remember. It is valid for almost any memory we want to keep: we can return to it often and look through the details.

Sometimes memory fails us because the concentration levels we have are low. Thus, being concentrated is an essential requirement if we want productive results in what we are doing.

You can implement these recommendations to improve your level of concentration and to perform your work properly:

  • Walking with no more objective than walking: when we do we free ourselves and find moments to think. It relaxes us to walk, observe the landscape without motives and forget about worries for a while. This relaxation is also essential to gain concentration.
  • Writing with complicated typography: this advice is directed rather to those who need to concentrate on something written. The typeface used to read or study influences content retention. The harder it is for the brain to process the letter, the more concentration it will put into it.
  • Sitting for a few minutes to lower the burden: like walking, sitting for a while will relieve our worries. Many times we have so many that prevent us from concentrating on what is really important, so this exercise is effective in ordering ideas and releasing stress.

  • Prepare what is needed and find a suitable site. It can happen to us that we have so many things to focus on at the same time that we can’t do it anywhere. It is good to focus only on one activity, prepare what is needed and find a place to carry it out as easily as possible.
  • Set short-term objectives. The almost utopian goals overwhelm us, the reason for more to establish goals that we feel capable of fulfilling. If we do so, we will see the concentration will improve, because we will see that little by little we will reach them

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