Easy Frostings You Can Make in your Homes

I love baking. And I am sure, most of you do. The problem I hear from most of the people is that they do not know how to make frostings for their cake. And we all know that a cake gets its ultimate taste when eaten with a frosting. While choosing a frosting for a cake, you must take care that it goes with the cake. Otherwise, it just ruins the cake. Different frostings require different temperatures too. When you take care of even the tiniest point, you will end up with the best frosting ever. Today, I am here with some frosting recipes that will go really well with different types of cakes. Let’s get started.

Whipped cream: I would say this is the easiest and hassle-free frosting to make. All you need is a packet of your preferred choice of whipping cream, a bowl, and an electric blender. The cream should be cold, otherwise, it would melt. Then just whip it until it attains a stiff consistency. I like to add a dash of vanilla essence and some sugar with it.

Buttercream frosting: Nowadays, cakes with this frosting is not preferred by most people. But I love it. All you need is some room temperature unsalted butter, sugar, the essence of your choice, cocoa powder (optional). First, you gotta beat the butter then slowly add in the sugar and other ingredients. You must have a lot of sugar to get the right consistency. You can make a lot of variations.

Ganache: This is my favourite frosting. You must have whipping cream and compound chocolate of your choice for this. In your microwave pop in some whipping cream (not whipped). When it heats up, take it out and add in the chocolate and stir it until it combines well. Then keep it in an air-tight container for about 6 hours. The cream and chocolate should be added in 1:2 ratio.

You can add in different things and be creative. Try this out and experience a whole different world of taste.