Do you know, What foods can not be frozen?

When freezing food, we must take into account that some foods cannot be frozen. These are some of these products that cannot be kept frozen.

However low the temperature of our freezer is, there are some foods that deteriorate and spoil when frozen. Milk: freezing milk decomposes separating water from fat. Custard due to its milk content.

Dishes containing jellies: those prepared dishes that contain or have been made with some jelly lose their texture and consistency so it is not advisable to freeze them. The meringue: when defrosting it loses water so it generates drops spoiling the product. Dishes linked with flour is also not recommended for freezing.

Pudding and mayonnaise, in the case of pudding and mayonnaise they are cut so it is not recommended to freeze.

Fruits and vegetables: raw apples or melon are fruits that do not support freezing well. Among the vegetables, the potatoes cannot be frozen.

Foods that can and can not be frozen. Raw tomatoes are not advisable to freeze them if they want to eat raw as they become watery. However, if you want to use them for sauces or stir-fry, freezing them will improve the preparation.