Child Safety at the Entrance of the House and Stairs

The ladder is not a good place for the child to play and the entrances to the home can be dangerous if they manage to open the door. Making sure there are no toys thrown away, installing a spot of light in the hall to see at night or avoid playing on the rest are some of the key points to consider in these rooms.

Front and rear door

Never leave the entrance door to the house open. Do not let the child open the door when they call. Put a latch on the door, out of reach of children. If the child is older and reaches the latch, install an additional bolt above and keep it closed. Install a safety plastic net over the glass doors, if they are less than 80 cm from the floor, in order to prevent the glass from jumping if they break. Placing reinforced or laminated glass is even better. Put some stickers on the glass door so they can be seen more easily, especially in the case of children.

Install a spot of light in the hall or on the landing so the child can see if he gets up at night. If you don’t want the room to be too bright, use a low voltage bulb. Never cover a lamp with clothes, as it can easily catch fire.

Put non-slip adhesives under the carpets. Make sure the entrance floor is clear of toys and tackle. Check the carpet regularly, in case there are holes or loose carpet that can trip you or the little one.

A child does not have enough coordination to go downstairs safely until at least three years old. Install safety barriers at the bottom of the stairs and on the upper landing, or at the door of the child’s room. The safety barriers must be homologated according to European regulations, and the distance between the bars must not exceed 6.5 cm. Always open the barrier; Don’t jump over it, since the little one could imitate you.

Check the railings periodically: the handrail and the bars must be secured. The bars should not be too far apart. If the distance exceeds 6.5 cm, it should be reduced by placing boards. Do not let the child climb on the railing.

Fix the carpet or loose or broken steps; They constitute a danger.
Do not let the child play on the rest or on the landing of the stairs, since the bars of the railings can be very separated from each other.